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A60 LED Filament Bulb light 4W 6W 8W

A60 LED Filament Bulb light 4W 6W 8W
Power:4W 6W 8W
Base Type:E27/E14/B22
Lifetime Working:50000 hours
View Angle: 360 degree
Warranty:2 years


A60 LED Filament Bulb light 4W 6W 8W

More Optical Choices
1. Powers:2w, 4w,6w,8w

2. Base: E27,E14,B22


What is the details of LED Filament bulb?

Product features:

1.Isolated Driver, Non-isolated driver available.

2.Operating temperature: -25 to +55 degree Celsius

3.Long lifespan: 50000h

4.Low power consumption

5.Lower heating during operation

6.Lumen decay: 3 within 1000 hours. Then Lumens be stable.

7.no mercury, enviromental protection

8. Use high-quality optical glass mask,very thin,light transmission rate of 99.9%


Production Process of LED filament bulb



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